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Crisis Referral and Intervention for First Responders in New Mexico

Armor Up New Mexico is organization that works as a crisis referral and intervention for first responders and their families across the state of New Mexico.  We work with Safe Call Now to help first responders who are in crisis.  We work to educate, train and treat first responders who are suffering with PTSD and the mental health issues that come with PTSD.   Police, Fire Fighters, EMT, Paramedics, Dispatchers, Corrections Officers, Medical Professionals, those who are on the front lines every day.  We work to put lives and families back together every day.   Please if you are in crisis make a Safe Call Now.

The 24-hour crisis hotline is completely confidential, when you call, we will work to get you the help you need.  206-459-3020. 

All donations received will be used to help first responders get to treatment, training and education.

Our Mission

Armor Up New Mexico is dedicated to the first responders across the state of New Mexico. Our goals are to help police officers, fire fighters, dispatchers, EMT’s, paramedics, corrections officers, and medical professionals who are in crisis. We work with Safe Call Now ( in helping all first responders who are suffering.

Our Goals

Our goal as Armor Up New Mexico is to be able to raise money to help educate our first responders on the importance of mental health. How to deal with PTSD, and also bring that education to the families of all New Mexico first responders.

Who We Are

We are a first responder family, Nathan Lerner is a 25 year law enforcement officer in the state of New Mexico. He grew up in Chicago Il, and came to NM in 1992. He joined the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Department reserve unit, then became a deputy and served until 2016. He now works for UNMPD.

Andrea Lerner grew up in Questa NM, where her grandfather served as the volunteer fire chief for 28 years.
Nathan and Andrea met in 2003, married in 2006 and have two boys. They both volunteer for the New Mexico Gang Task Force training committee where they met Safe Call Now founder Sean Riley who presented them with the opportunity to start this program here in New Mexico.
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Armor Up NM Challenge Coin

Support our program by purchasing the professionally styled, full color, high quality Challenge Coins. These coins feature the Armor Up New Mexico logo on one side, along with the Safe Call Now phone number. On the opposite side is a beautifully colorful US flag and the motto "Never Give Up - You Are the Storm."

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